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Are people visiting your website frustrated by their experience? Many of our clients didn’t realize that more and more, people visit websites using Smartphones. The user experience with a mobile phone or iPhone is vastly different than when one uses a PC to browse a website.

Here’s an eye-opening fact. There are about 5 billion mobile subscriptions across the planet and about 6 billion documented humans are living on earth. That means about eighty percent of the world has access to a mobile phone. That’s a staggering number. Some people may have more than one phone, but generally speaking, people are well connected to mobile communications.

Now let’s compare that to the number of PCs or laptops on the planet. There are about 1 billion documented personal computers and not all of them have access to the Internet. Can you see where this is going? One can quickly surmise that there are a lot more people using mobile phones than there are using PCs. Of course, not every phone is used for browsing websites and shopping, but the fastest growing sector for Internet capable devices are Smartphones, Androids, iPhones, Windows Mobile phones and tablets. The computer of the future is the mobile phone.

Mobile Website Design Texas

Mobile phone use is not shrinking; it’s becoming the overwhelming tool of choice used by today’s consumer. Mobile phones are more affordable and portable than traditional computers. They provide quick access to eCommerce sites and Internet search. People can use them to look up the next showing time for movies at the theatre and research information about car deals while standing in line at the grocery store.


The Big Question

The big question to answer is: How easily can visitors to your website browse web pages and see the information on a display that is much smaller than a laptop monitor? Traditional presentation of web pages on a mobile browser can be, well, hard to read. If you look at your website now using an iPhone or Smartphone, you’ll notice the text is small. You can expand the display, but that makes the right and left sides of the webpage hard to access.

The bottom line is that our mobile website design for Dallas businesses are made to be mobile friendly and to provide a better customer browsing experience. When people can easily read and browse a website, they can find what they want quickly. This means they won’t leave for a better browsing experience on your competition’s website.

Now is the time to take this information and act upon it

You Got Net’s mobile web designers will transform your current webpages into mobile friendly pages. Don’t lose customers to your competitor’s mobile friendly site. You’ve worked too hard to build that customer base. Keep your customers with an updated mobile website design. We also provide customized tablet Website Design. Dallas, Texas based You Got Net offers services nationwide.

If you are ready to discuss updating your site to be more mobile/tablet friendly, please contact us or call us at (469) 465-7342 and let us help you achieve your goal.