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Find Reputable Web Hosting Services in Dallas

Here at You Got Net, we don’t solely focus on serving clients in our immediate area. Instead, we focus on a national clientele, providing high-quality web hosting and email hosting services to clients in a variety of industries. Our extensive web hosting experience has gained us recognition as one of the top web hosting firms every year since 1999.

When you choose us as your email hosting company in Texas, we strive to provide you with a quality, reliable email hosting service. We offer you all the benefits an email hosting firm should provide to their clients, putting us leagues ahead of our competition.

Our Email Hosting Features:

MAPI Connector for Microsoft Outlook

If you have used Outlook in the past, you are familiar with reliable email management, a personal calendar, contact management and task tracking. This is why we have integrated these same features into our webmail system. When you utilize our email hosting company in Texas, we will provide you with a MAPI client to install on your computer that will synchronize all aspects of your email between your computer and the server to keep everything updated. It doesn’t matter if you update the information in Outlook or on our server; the information will update in both locations at once.

Appointment Scheduling and Invitations

We offer more than just the ability to synchronize your calendar to better keep track of your schedule. Our web hosting services in Dallas also offer the ability to send invitations for meetings and other events. When you set up a meeting or event on your email calendar, everyone you add to the event will receive an email invitation. Those users will be able to accept, decline or suggest a change to your event. You will be able to easily track the responses you receive through your email box so you know how many people to expect and can reschedule as needed.

Status Settings

You aren’t always immediately available when you are at work. Neither is everyone else. With the MAPI connector, we make it easier for you to find the best meeting times. You will be able to see when each of your attendees is already busy so you can quickly and easily identify the best time slots available for everyone.


Our email hosting services allow you to share your calendar, folders and various other documents with designated people. In addition to allowing certain people to view these documents, you can also give them permission to make changes.

With the use of the MAPI connector, you can also make changes to your Outlook calendar through the webmail services, allowing you to keep your calendar updated so everyone knows when you are busy and when you are available.

Public Folders

Any documents that can be accessed by every employee in your company can be placed in the public folders through our web hosting services in Dallas. Everything from newsletters and letterhead to policy documents can be quickly shared with everyone. Choose who can access the folders and who can upload new files to the folder, giving you greater flexibility.


Feature Economy Business Enterprise
Domain Disk Storage 5GB 15GB 25GB
Unlimited Mailboxes
Unlimited Domain Parking
Unlimited MAPI Clients
Mail Services
Mobile Device Sync via CalDav/iCalendar
Server Storage/My Files
Server Storage Publishing
Mobile Device sync via syncML
Mobile Webmail Client
Outlook Synchronization
SMS Conntector
LDAP Service
MAPI Connectivity
WebMail Features
Drag & Drop Messages
Auto-complete Addressing
Keyboard Shortcuts
Right click items for actions
Save Message as Draft
Auto Signature
Sub folder
Search by subject, content and sender
View Image Attachment as slideshow
Personal Contacts
Global Company Directory
Add Appt Requests direct to calendar
Import Contacts
Personal Calendar
Personal Tasks
Mailbox Redirection
Spell checker (multi-lingual)
Mailbox, Calendar and Contact Sharing
Public Folders